Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Good morning, going to work today and this is the last week for classes at the shop. You know when you are trying to sort yourself out, drying your hair etc, and you find that you have got someone watching your every move competing for space in the mirror, well this is the competition little miss Tibby who sat in front of the mirror while I was trying to get ready this morning. I think she wanted my attention as it was her biscuit time. Just give the cat what she wants and she will let you get on, so I did and now I'm having a bad hair day!

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craftybarbara said...

Hi shell, love your kitty ( I was going to say pussy but thought that a bit too personal). I have a kitty very much like yours, she stares me out till I give in, and insists on lying on the floor behind my chair when I'm crafting, then squawking with indignation when I move my chair back and run over her, but she still does it. Looking forward to seeing you all on Tuesdays when the snow has cleared. cheers Barbara. PS the cards are great too!!