Monday, 18 January 2010

Well what do you Know??? here is a pic of my first scrapbook page that I was shall we just say prompted to make at work on Saturday by my Brilliant at scrap booking Boss for a class that will be coming in February. Heather gave me the layout and I chose the colours that complimented the photo (pale greens, lilacs, white and I added in the silver)
By the way the photo is not mine it belongs to Heather, it is her daughter with her OH, hope she likes it! The class is called Love & Romance to fit in with Valentines Day, pop over to the shop blog and take a look at the Page Heather made.

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lisa said...

This is just lovely, Shell. I can't believe it is your very first page, I'm very impressed. The colours are so soft, they work with your photo perfectly and I like the touch of silver.
Can't wait to see more.